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Preparatory round of IV BRICSMATH.COM international online math contest

Preparatory round of  IV BRICSMATH.COM international online math contest

An additional preparatory round of the 4th BRICSMATH.COM international online mathematics contest for school students of 1st-11th/12th grades will take place between 22 April and 22 May 2020.

For the first time, students from Indonesia and Vietnam will take part in the competition along with entrants from the BRICS countries. The additional round will serve as a preparatory one for the annual BRICSMATH.COM contest, whose qualifying trial and main rounds will be held between 21 July and 30 October 2020.

The organisers hope that this initiative will motivate young people to begin online studies and will promote the interest in mathematics. All participants in the preparatory round in the additional stage of BRICSMATH.COM will receive certificates of participation in the preparatory round.

BRICSMATH.COM is a non-profit online mathematics competition that has been held annually since 2017 by the Russian educational online platform In 2019, the competition brought together 1.6 million school students from all five BRICS countries.

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