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Fifth BRICS Film Festival to be held as part of Moscow International Film Festival

Fifth BRICS Film Festival to be held as part of Moscow International Film Festival

The 5th BRICS Film Festival will be held within the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) on 1-7 October 2020.

The Festival will showcase 10 films, two from each BRICS country. Russia will be represented by Alexander Proshkin’s Back to the Sarmatian Steppe  and Andrei Bogatyrev’s Red Ghost. The events of the festival will take place both in cinemas and online.

The Festival will be launched at the MIFF opening ceremony in the Moscow Musical Theatre at 7 pm on 1 October.

The Oktyabr cinema theatre will be the main festival venue. Films will be also shown in the Moskino  cinema theatres.

Members of the jury selected by the embassies of each country will judge the films. The jury will be headed by Russian filmmaker and cameraman Sergei Mokritsky, who made the film Battle for Sevastopol, a participant in the first BRICS film festival in India and the second one in China. 

The five winners will receive the awards in the following nominations: Best Film, Special Jury Award, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. 

The forum “BRICS Films as an Alternative to Hollywood” will take place during the festival. The participants will discuss cinema production, distribution and education in the field of cinematography via videoconference.

The history of the BRICS Film Festival dates back to July 2015 when Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made a proposal to hold it at the BRICS Summitin Ufa. Since then, the festival has rotated among the BRICS countries, being held in Delhi (India) in 2016, Chengdu (China) in 2017, Durban (South Africa) in 2018 and Niteroi (Brazil) in 2019.