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Ministers discuss development of labour related issues in BRICS 

Ministers discuss development of labour related issues in BRICS 

On 9 October, Anton Kotyakov, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, chaired a Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Labor and Employment  via videoconference. .

The Ministers focused on approaches to developing a safe labour culture in the BRICS countries and the reduction of poverty by implementing socioeconomic transformation.

“This is the sixth Meeting of BRICS Labour and Employment Ministers. We discussed issues of labour protection and digital economy, the development of a safe labour culture and expansion of social protection for working people. I am sure that the development of digital technologies will help us achieve these goals and provide additional impetus for upgrading the institutions of the labour market of our countries and enhancing their efficiency,” said Anton Kotyakov.

During the meeting, the experts discussed the implementation of priority tasks set forth in the declaration signed following the 2019 Meeting. The participants reaffirmed the need to improve the efficiency of BRICS coordination and cooperation in promoting high quality, inclusive employment, developing a BRICS dialogue on labour issues, sharing experience and information on the issues of labour and employment as well as social inclusiveness as an important component of sustainable development in the BRICS countries. 

The Ministers focused on the future of labour in the digital economy. They recognized the fundamental need to adapt government policy and labour law to the new trends in this area, ensure active cooperation on managing data on the labour market, and improve working conditions for developing a sustainable social support system.

The meeting participants reaffirmed that the digital economy offers unprecedented opportunities while new technologies and new markets create new jobs with higher labour productivity.

Following the meeting the participants adopted a Declaration in which they appreciated the progress and cooperation between the BRICS countries, taking pandemic and other socioeconomic challenges into account.The document highlights that today it is extremely important to use the benefits of digitalization and globalization of national economies by expanding the scope of potential benefits, thus creating sustainable and adaptable markets for labour and social development.