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BRICS MFAs hold Foreign Policy Planning Consultations

The 5th round of the BRICS Foreign Policy Planning Dialogue with the participation of Senior Officials from respective departments of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs/International Relations of the five countries took place on 10 December 2020 via videoconferencing.

At the Meeting the parties held an extensive exchange of views on topical global issues, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the transformation of international relations, as well as negative consequences of the current crisis for regional and international stability.

The discussion revealed the similarity or convergence of the approaches of the BRICS States to a wide range of topics. The participants reaffirmed the strategic nature of the BRICS partnership along with shared willingness of the five countries to strengthen their collective role in international affairs.

The participants reiterated their commitment to creating a more just and democratic multilateral system based on the international law and the central coordinating role of the United Nations. They acknowledged the increasing contribution of the multilateral formats based on the principles of equality, cooperation and consensus (in particular, BRICS and “G20”) to ensuring the efficiency of the global governance processes.

The representatives of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa exchanged best national practices and expertise in the area of the foreign policy planning.

It was agreed to pursue their pentalateral consultations on a regular basis.