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Priorities of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship in 2020

1. Strengthening multilateral principles in global politics and promoting shared interests of the BRICS countries in international fora:

  • - to promote the unifying agenda based on the universally recognised principles and norms of the international law and the interests of all states;
  • - to promote the central role of the United Nations in international relations;
  • - to consolidate collective efforts to respond to global and regional challenges and threats;
  • - to deepen cooperation between the BRICS countries in countering terrorism, extremism, corruption, cross-border crime and illicit drug and arms trafficking;
  • - to strengthen collaboration in space exploration and peaceful use of outer space;
  • - to continue the dialogue on the security in the use of ICTs and countering cybercrime;
  • - to enhance BRICS countries’ coordination mechanisms in key international fora;
  • - to develop cooperation with partner countries in the “BRICS Plus” and “Outreach” dialogue formats;
  • - to enhance dialogue on the issues of international development cooperation.

2. Developing cooperation in trade, economy and finance:

  • - to renew the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership;
  • - to facilitate trade and investments between the BRICS countries;
  • - to promote the potential of the New Development Bank;
  • - to enhance the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement mechanisms;
  • - to develop and integrate BRICS national payment systems;
  • - to launch practical activities of BRIСS Women’s Business Alliance;
  • - to promote the economic development of the remote areas within BRICS;
  • - to strengthen cooperation among the BRICS tax, customs and antimonopoly line agencies;
  • - to promote cooperation in the field of energy;
  • - to develop cooperation in the digital economy and innovations;
  • - to strengthen ties in healthcare, including by taking joint measures in fighting infectious and non-infectious diseases;
  • - to encourage dialogue among the five countries on agriculture and food security;
  • -  to strengthen contacts in the field of prevention and elimination of consequences of emergencies and natural disasters.

3. Cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian spheres and strengthening people-to-people contacts:

  • - to develop interparliamentary cooperation;
  • - to promote cultural cooperation;
  • - to enhance cooperation in the field of education;
  • - to further develop BRICS Network University activities;
  • - to strengthen youth contacts;
  • - to deepen cooperation in sports and hold BRICS Games;
  • - to promote cooperation within  public diplomacy formats;
  • - to develop contacts among representatives of the BRICS journalism community.